Our aim is to despatch all orders within 24hrs and the vast majority of instances we are able to achieve this, but occasionally events may conspire to prevent this from happening.

If your order is urgent though, please email us at the time of ordering and let us know - we will always endeavour to despatch items that required urgently as a priority. To help us facilitate this, please do not select an economy shipping method if you require the quickest delivery!

In terms of delivery times, please refer to our delivery information page for information on your chosen delivery method

There are two methods you can use to apply your decals - wet and dry.

Depending upon which kit you have purchased and your familiarity with decal application, either may be suitable, but as a general rule of thumb the larger the decal, the less likely you will put it on without a liquid to help you.

Full fitting instructions are supplied with all of our kits though and a copy of our instructions can be read here, just in case you lose them!

Yes you can, but please ensure you are using a 2 pack lacquer and NOT a cellulose based one as a reaction is likely with the latter. If in any doubt, please ask us for a sample of material when purchasing with which you can run a quick test prior to spraying.
The short answer is "yes". Due to time restraints, we haven't listed the individual components of the kits as yet, although this is definitely something we will be doing in the near future. The longer answer is we currently print/process an entire kit at a time and do not keep stock of individual components. Predominantly, this is to keep production costs down (as it reduces production time) and ensures we are not stockholding (which has advantages in ensuring top quality as individual elements are not sitting on a shelf for protracted periods). To print an individual component means we have to create an unique print file (from the donor kit) and print that element on its own. As well as being time consuming, this also results in a lot of material waste. To extrapolate from the longer explanation, we can supply parts of kits, but there will be a premium for doing so - one that we will try and keep to a minimum though!
This is a common question and the answer is don't worry! We appreciate your custom and if this happens to you, we will reciprocate your faith in us and re-supply any components you need without the premium of the above question and with postage at cost. We have many simple philosophies and in this case it is "if you look out for us, we'll look out for you".

Yes, we certainly can.

We are lucky to have a very talented team of designers with us and all we need to create any kit is some photos of each side of your boat/engine cowl (taken as square on as possible and at as good a resolution as possible) with a few measurements included.

In the vast majority of cases, we will not charge for creating your artwork (we will always notify you in advance of any applicable costs though) and we will proof your design until you are happy to proceed to print/cut.

As above, yes we can. In most instances it's very straightforward and in a few not quite so, but we have a very transparent approach to business and will always let you know if there are any cost implications to what you are asking for before going ahead.