1. Ensure the area on to which your graphics are going to be applied is clean and free from any grease or dirt. Also ensure that the area HAS NOT been polished or waxed prior to application as this will seriously affect the adhesive curing process.

2. Remove the silicon paper backing from the decal and transfer tape. Do this slowly!

3. There are two methods of applying your graphics. The first (and the one to use with the smaller decals) is to apply the decal “dry”.

a) To do this, simply apply the decal lightly on to the area where you want it to go. If you have light enough fingers it is often possible to remove the decal if you’ve guessed wrong with placement (but do it quickly). Don’t assume you will be able to though!

With larger graphics it’s often a better idea to put them on “wet”.

b) This method requires you to make a solution of water and washing up liquid prior to step 2 (approx. 1 drop of washing up liquid to a cup of water).
After removing the silicon paper backing smear the back of the decal (the sticky side!) with this solution, which will temporarily deaden the adhesive and enable you to reposition the decal if you don’t get the right alignment first (or second, or third!) time.
Remember though, the more solution you use (although easy to find the right placement) the longer you will need to leave the graphic in order to remove the transfer tape.

Once you have found the right place for the decal use the back of an old credit card (but preferably a squeegee if you have one) to apply force to the decal which will force out air in the case of a) or air and water in the case of b). Leave the decal for a few minutes and then SLOWLY remove the transfer tape to reveal your pre-spaced graphic in place! If you experience problems doing this, simply re-apply force with your squeegee/old credit card and wait a few more minutes.


Be patient . . . !

To help you visualise what is “straight” draw a straight line on to the transfer tape before application . . . better still use a couple of pieces of masking tape on the area to which the graphic is going and draw the baseline on them.

When “squeegeeing” your graphic with anything other than a felt squeegee, take care and remember your paintwork is underneath.